U-T San Diego Hires Larry Graham from ESPN.com

U-T San Diego has hired Larry Graham as their new executive sports editor.

Graham is currently the NFL editor at ESPN.com and was previously the sports editor at the Fayetteville Observer in North Carolina. He’s moving to San Diego in September for the newly created position by the paper.

Below is the memo from editor Jeff Light:

I’m pleased to announce that Larry Graham will be joining us this fall as our executive sports editor. Larry is currently an NFL editor at ESPN.com.

Larry is a skilled journalist and a fascinating person. He is a classically trained violinist with a passion for excellence and a drive to succeed.

Larry has run columnists and bloggers at the nation’s top sports dot.com, worked the desk at big metro, ground it out at weeklies and run the show at small dailies. He has seen the tumult of the changing media landscape up close. He has strong opinions about the resourcefulness and determination it takes to succeed.
You will find Larry to be a creative person with a vision for our multi-media reality. He has the range, the vision and the work ethic that our business today demands.

Mike and John and I have agreed to add a number of positions to sports help us build something special. Larry will be recruiting for as we gear up for the fall.

Larry will be here on Thursday for a staff meeting with the sports department. He’ll have office hours from 11 to 3 on Friday for anyone who wants to spend time with him: Let Shannon know if you’d like one of those slots.

His first day will be Sept. 4.

[H/T Romenesko]