U.S. Department of Defense Gives Twitter, Facebook the OK

Freedom is on the move again in the USA: the Marines can officially Twitter. After years of patchwork Internet policy, the U.S. Department of Defense has set a formal policy of allowing access to social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Myspace on its network.

From PC World:

In 2007, the DoD began blocking sites including YouTube and MySpace from military networks. But that was not an official policy, it said in the blog post.

“This is DoD’s first official policy on new media. Prior to today, the Services and other DoD components developed and implemented their own ad hoc policies — some banning it all together,” it said.

Last year, for instance, the Marines banned the use of social-networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter from its network. With the new policy, the Marines will have to reverse that ban. “Under this new policy, there will be open and consistent access across the board,” according to the DoD blog post.

The DoD can still restrict access to social networking sites when national security issues or bandwidth constraints arise.

Sadly though, for our men and women overseas, it looks like that picture of their ex, oiled up on the beach in Carlsbad, will have to suffice for those long, lonely nights — porn is still banned on the DoD network.