TYT’s Cenk Uygur Interview With Julian Assange

Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks was filling in on The Dylan Ratigan Show yesterday and scored an interview with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Uygur of course asked about the calls for the journalist’s assassination by U.S. presidential hopefuls. Something that should send chills down the back of every person who’s name has even been a byline.


CENK UYGUR: How do you respond to Sarah Palin, a top Republican leader who might run for president again?

ASSANGE: Oh, it’s just another idiot trying to make a name for himself. But it’s a — it’s a serious business. I mean if we are to have a civil society, you cannot have senior people making calls on national TV to go around the judiciary and illegally murder people.

That is incitement to commit murder. That is an offense. You cannot have senior people on national TV asking people to commit an offense.

That is not a country that obeys the rule of law.

Does the United States obey the rule of law?

Because Europeans are starting to wonder whether it is still obeying the rule of law?

And it needs to be very careful.

Full transcript here.