Tyrrell: Buckley Is Wrong


R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr., a contributing editor of The New York Sun, disagrees with his friend and fellow traveller William F. Buckey Jr., the editor at large of National Review, on the subject of Conrad Black.

Black sniped at his friends Buckley and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in The Sun earlier this week for perceived slights against him. Tyrrell is firmly in the Team Black camp. From The Washington Times:

”Recently my friend Bill Buckley wrote a rude column about our mutual friend, Conrad Black, on the occasion of Conrad’s sntencing on three counts of mail fraud and one of obstruction of justice, a mere speed bump after the mountains of charges originally filed against him. Conrad is appealing.

”Friends should stand by him either in polite silence or they can join me in public encouragement.”

Tyrell concludes in the column that the former media mogul who was sentenced to six-and-a-half years for criminal fraud and obstructing justice is ”the victim of prosecutorial excess,” and ”has not intentionally done anything wrong.”

(image via creators.com/columnists)