Typographic Dating Game Makes Eligible Bachelors of Univers, Garamond

Will Avenir live happily after in the strong yet graceful arms of Adobe Garamond Pro? Can Martha Stewart-y Archer ever make it work with Eurostile? See for yourself by playing Type Connection, a fontastic online dating game created by Aura Seltzer, an MFA student in graphic design at the Maryland Institute College of Art. “Type Connection stems from an idea I had that typefaces’ personalities on paper are really very similar to those of people,” Seltzer told Mohawk Fine Papers’ Felt & Wire blog recently. “Typefaces also have certain physiques, voices, and virtues, and in certain designs, they would benefit from companionship.” Choose a single and get ready to mingle by selecting one of four strategies for finding a good match for your bachelor or bachelorette typeface. In addition to honing typeface-pairing skills, players explore typographic terminology and brush up on type history. Meanwhile, you’ll never look at Gil Sans the same way again—the British octogenarian is revealed to be an emotional eater who wears quirky spectacles.