TWT Prez Calls for Prayers: Rev. Myung Moon in Critical Condition in Seoul

TWT employees are on pins and needles as they’ve only recently learned that Rev. Myung Moon, the founder of the paper, is in critical condition.The 93-year-old is in intensive care in a hospital in Seoul, Korea with symptoms of pneumonia. TWT President Tom McDevitt released a memo to staff Wednesday. AP reported the news Wednesday. TWT and other outlets such as HuffPost and all ran the AP version of the story. UPDATE: It appears AP and Jim Romenesko came in with the story within one hour of each other with Romensko coming in first. Still, outlets ran with the AP story. The above has been altered to reflect this.

McDevitt called for staff prayers.

See the memo…

From: Tom McDevitt 
TWT  Everyone
Wed, Aug 15, 2012 23:24:54 GMT+00:00
Reports about Rev. Moon’s health

Dear Washington Times colleagues:

You have likely heard reports that Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who founded The Washington Times three decades ago, is hospitalized in critical condition. This is accurate.

The reverend entered St. Mary’s Hospital in Seoul, Korea on Monday and is now in intensive care with symptoms of pneumonia. His family is with him, and the church he founded is praying for his recovery.

The 93-year old Rev. Moon is well known for working an exhaustive daily schedule even in his advanced years. Your prayers and good wishes for his recovery are sincerely appreciated.

I’ll keep you posted.

Tom McDevitt