Two Officers Placed On Leave As LAPD Probes Rihanna Photo Leak

200rhiassault.jpgAccording to the LA Times:

Two Los Angeles police officers have been placed on paid leave as part of an ongoing investigation into how a photo showing the battered face of Rihanna appeared on a celebrity website after the singer was assaulted by her former boyfriend Chris Brown, four law enforcement sources familiar with the case told The Times.
A state law that went into effect this year makes it a misdemeanor for peace officers or law enforcement employees to profit by leaking confidential reports or images. In addition, the LAPD also has adopted strict rules about recording still or video images at crime scenes, which they made more explicit last year after a series of celebrity-related arrests in which details, and even images, appeared on celebrity and gossip websites.

The photo that appeared on TMZ of Rihanna’s bruised and swollen face heavily influenced public opinion about the incident. This was no he said/she said, not something that could easily be swept under the rug by publicists or written off by fans. The crime committed was visible in Rhianna’s face. Whatever the motives of those who leaked the photo, some good came of its publication. We’re not defending the leak- Rihanna’s privacy was violated by those who were supposed to protect her, something no victim should have to endure. But to see someone so young, famous and beautiful brutalized by her lover raised public awareness of and fueled discussion about domestic violence. And that, at least, is a good thing.