Two New ‘Ideas’ from the ‘Ideas’ Guys


Our buddies and pals over at smashLAB have once again made the beginning of a week far more tolerable with not one, but two new Ideas on Ideas pieces. The first, “Microsoft Repositions to Kick Ass,” suggest ways to keep people from continuing to make the move over to Apple products, such as keeping Steve Ballmer locked up in a top secret, underground vault so he stops embarrassing the company. It’s an interesting read, one that takes its position from a user of both platforms, like many of us probably do. The second is “Five Reason for MakeFive,” which is all about the new site the smashLAB fellas just launched after the success they had with this year’s Design Can Change. Here, they give the reasons why they felt like they should stick around after all their client work was done, to build something for the public. Both are terrific and both will easily kill at least fifteen minutes off your morning.