Two of the Most-Used Apps at CES This Year? Tinder and Grindr

Looking for new romance as well as new tech

While the Consumer Electronics Show is all about the latest in tech innovation, even geeks are on the lookout for love connections. Especially geeks, perhaps. 

This week, Vector Media offered CES attendees free WiFi via shuttle buses around the Convention Center and at major hotels like the Bellagio, Wynn, Aria, Caesars Palace, Cosmopolitan and Mandalay Bay. In the last few days, some 1,800 opted in for complimentary mobile Web from Vector's VM2 Network in exchange for giving the company permission to collect their app usage data and present such stats anonymously in aggregate. 

As you can see below, Facebook Messenger—which yesterday we learned now has 800 million monthly users—was the most popular among CES attendees, per Vector.

But what's most interesting is that even though CES for so many marketers and tech vendors is a work trip, dating app Tinder was five times more popular than workflow app Slack, which was also bested by another match-maker, gay social app Grindr. (Time will tell whether what happens in Vegas truly stays in Vegas.)

Below are the Top 10 apps for CES, according to New York-based Vector Media's findings. It's worth pointing out that four of the top five are categorically "personal usage" apps:

  1. Facebook Messenger — 74.3 percent
  2. Tinder — 61.2 percent
  3. Twitter — 56.9 percent
  4. Snapchat — 51.8 percent
  5. Kik — 38.2 percent
  6. Skype — 33.5 percent
  7. Tumblr — 20.7 percent
  8. LinkedIn — 22.7 percent
  9. Grindr — 16.2 percent
  10. Slack — 12.8 percent