Two If By Ping


In case you missed it, Ping Magazine had two great features this week, interviews with two, for the lack of a better all-encompassing word, artists. First up, was Maurycy Gomulicki:

Out of a range of exciting projects he is working on, I would like to introduce his Pink Not Dead! project today. So far he presented the phenomena of ‘Pink’ in all shapes, shades, scents and sounds in two major exhibitions (one in Warsaw, one in Mexico city), a Pink Blog collects imagery of living with pink on a daily basis and Maurycy doesn’t seem to stop anywhere when it comes to his favorite color and fetish. He even designed a line of Pink Coffins as a part of the exhibition and a whole Pink Sexshop Chain (about 10 shops already) together with Jorge Covarrubias.

And second was Ayako Suwa, who creates these amazing sculptures and other pieces using food and items from the kitchen.

Ayako Suwa is the master of Food Creation! As such her sensual food combinations allow you to indulge in the most pleasurable tastes but above all – her experimental mixtures are true visual delights! While her husband Shinya Furui curates various exhibitions at his own Point Gallery in Ebisu (previously featured on PingMag), Ayako takes this opportunity to create the most delicate food to match the theme or aesthetics of the artworks exhibited.

Both are great reads, per usual when it comes to Ping.