Two Columbus Circle: It Really Comes Down To Whose Lunch Is Better


Morning, kids. Apologies for the late start — there’s a reason. A reason called, and we quote, Heavy Fucking Metal. We’ll explain TK (still sorting out our memories), but in the meantime we’ve been spending our first hours of the day in an extremely turmoiled internal debate. To wit:

We’ve posted about Two Columbus Circle, the “lollipop” building owned by the Museum of Arts and Design and scheduled for renovation by Oregon-based Brad Cloepfil of Allied Works, who wants to put some (we think) mostly unintrusive terracotta on the outside. Of course, Landmark West! [sic] is very unhappy with this and has been filling our, and no doubt others’ inbox for weeks with various plans for how to stop this. So we felt a little sympathy, identified with their plight. Until, on the same day, we received an invitation to lunch today at the AIA to preview the new design. And then received an email from LW! referring to the “VIP’s” who had been invited to said preview and encouraging everyone to show up and demonstrate. So then we were like well should we go to the lunch because it’ll be catered and we like being referred to as VIPs, even if it was just for polemical purposes? Or should we demonstrate outside because we were the most never demonstrating ever in school and want to make up for it? Or should we go to the preview because otherwise our “colleagues” would be like Dude, UnBeige, what are you doing, this is so embarrassing???

For now we’re just ironing our scandal-ready reporters’ cap and heading over to LaGuardia in an hour to see what sort of fracas is going to develop. Landmark West!ers are setting up a street-side demonstration, Rubenstein PR is setting up lunch. There we go. Our choice pretty much just made itself.