Two Amys Set up Blogs in Washington

Okay, so not those Two Amy’s of the well-known Washington pizza place. But seriously, two women both named Amy are the new editors for two blogs launching today – Eater and Curbed. Eater’s Editor is Amy McKeever and Curbed’s is Amy Rose Dobson. is like Gawker for restaurants. Don’t look for it to tell you where to eat. Think restaurant openings, closings and chefs who blow up at their staffs. is real estate news with an edge. Watch out pols, they plan to target your homes. They call it “real estate porn.” Today Amy Rose features the item “Fun Bush Twin Can’t Sell House in Baltimore.

Started in 2004 in Manhattan by Lockhart Steele, Curbed Network has expanded to half a dozen other cities nationwide with Curbed in NYC, Chicago, LA, San Francisco and The Hamptons and Eater in Portland, Ore., Austin and Miami. “We’ve tried to do entertainment blogs that are news heavy,” said Lockhart (who goes by “Lock”) in a phoner with FishbowlDC this morning. He explained that each blog would also eventually have contributors.

Lock is aware that real estate news can be dull. “A lot of it was so frickin’ boring, so we try to dig into the stories and characters,” he said. “That makes the sites more jucier.”

But he insists he’s no micro-manager when it comes to running a cross-country blog network. Each site editor is trusted to do his or her job. “We’re all completely insane,” he said, describing the blog world. “My job is to set big picture or to give direction. If I was trying to dictate what was happening it would be ridiculous.”