Twitter Unfollow Tracker Qwitter Bought By TwitterCounter For $11,111

Qwitter, a website that alerts Twitter users when somebody has unfollowed them, has been purchased by Twittercounter in auction for (exactly) $11,111.

It’s the latest in a series of purchases for Twittercounter, the Twitter user tracking website, that included rival back in February.

Qwitter has over 180,000 active users and receives about 2,000 new signups each week.

The Twittercounter branding is already on the Qwitter homepage.

“We always admired,” said Twitter Counter co-founder Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten. “It is a hugely popular Twitter tool and a much requested feature from our current users.”

Qwitter will remain “an autonomous brand” says van Zanten, though he will look for ways in which the two sites can “reinforce each other”.

TwitterCounter tracks the statistics for over 14 million users, and receives 2.1 million page views each month. The company provides widgets and buttons that users can add to their websites, and makes money from premium memberships, featured placements and ad spots.