Twitter Celebrates Vine’s First Birthday With ‘Best Of’ Video Showcase

Twitter Celebrates Vine's First Birthday With 'Best Of' Video Showcase

Today is Vine’s first birthday. Yep, on January 24, 2013, Twitter’s 6-second looping video platform was born, and the world was never the same again.

Well, kinda. While it’s true that Vine has done extremely well since launch, adding tens of millions of users, becoming the fastest-growing app in the world and forcing Instagram to build its own copycat feature, it’s probably fair to say that short video hasn’t really taken off to any significant degree.

Which is strange, as animated GIFs remain hugely popular. Perhaps it’s just too difficult for the average person to make a really good short video?

This could change in time. Meanwhile, Vine has prepared a list of some of their favourite videos from the past year, which you can see at Check out some highlights below.