Dear Twitter: Please Put TweetDeck Out Of Its Misery And Kill It Off For Good

Once upon a time, TweetDeck was, for many users, the Twitter client of choice.

As one of the first platforms to support configurable columns, TweetDeck quickly established itself as the de facto standard for power-browsing on Twitter, and this continued for years.

Right up until Twitter bought it.

Despite promising to leave things alone, Twitter gradually stripped TweetDeck down to a shadow of its former self in order to merge the product into their range of official apps. And with that move, most of the users of TweetDeck went elsewhere. Last time I looked, TweetDeck had fallen down to seventh place in Twitter’s most-used clients list. But that was back in July, and things around here move pretty fast. I doubt it’s in the top ten any more.

Remember: this is a client that used to be number two, behind, amongst all users. And number one for anyone who was serious about Twitter.

Still, they keep rolling out updates for those tried-and-true TweetDeckers who either haven’t heard of HootSuite or have been trapped under something heavy. The latest update, which was announced earlier today, includes – wait for it – two themes (dark and, for you gentler folks that enjoy a contrast, light), changeable fonts and, uh… that’s it.

Ooh… shiny!

Really: why bother at all? If you ever needed any evidence that Twitter’s acquisition of TweetDeck was anything but a move to trample the competition – which I speculated on and all but nailed here – this is it. It’s done. Over. Kaput. So instead of leaving it floundering around on its back for the world to point at and see, just kill it off already.

This update has been made across all platforms – web, Chrome, Mac and Windows – and is up live now at Knock yourselves out.