169,395 Tweets And 9 Million Followers For The President During #AskObama [REPORT]

Yesterday, President Barack Obama hosted a special and historic Town Hall on Twitter, answering questions submitted by Twitter users in the days leading up to the event.

The response was pretty incredible – tens of thousands of tweets were sent to the President using the #AskObama hashtag. Using specially-created algorithms that determined which tweets were receiving the most retweets, favourites and replies, 18 questions were selected in advance, and then read live by Twitter’s Executive Chairman Jack Dorsey, before being answered by the President, with @whitehouse summaries then retweeted by @townhall.

In case you missed it, Twitter has published the full video on YouTube.

Twitter has also uploaded a great picture slideshow about the occasion.

As we reported yesterday, TwitSprout created a standalone Obama dashboard for the occasion, detailing the results in infographic form.

(UPDATE: Click here to see the latest update of this infographic.)

Twitter’s partners at Mass Relevance also shared some interesting stats about Twitter Town Hall. The total number of tweets using #AskObama was 169,395 and the four biggest topics areas of questions were:

  • Jobs – 18,957
  • Budget – 15,000
  • Taxes – 14,777
  • Education – 8,833

The event also triggered a big surge in followers for @barackobama on Twitter, with the President adding 23,840 new users to his tally, which was enough to help him break through 9 million followers overall.

Did you take part in Twitter Town Hall? What did you think of the event? Hit the comments to let us know.