REVEALED: The Top 20 Countries And Cities On Twitter [STATS]

Did you know that Twitter recently surpassed 500 million registered users?

Yep. Half a billion. Impressive, right? That’s half as big as Facebook. Except… it isn’t. Facebook’s 955 million tally is based on active users – I’ve speculated in the past as to how many total users Facebook has (that is, anyone who has signed up at any time), but it’s likely now well above two billion, which, by any count, is a lot more than Twitter, who revealed it had just 140 million active users back in March of this year.

That number should be quite a bit higher by now, but it hasn’t leapt up to 500 million, which was the figure proposed by Semiocast in their study. Which means that (approximately, and assuming growth over the past six months in actives) around two-thirds of Twitter’s total user tally is made up of inactive accounts.

Active schmactive – we’re in Google+ territory now. And who’s counting, right? Semiocast, by jove, and good thing too, because while these totals are predominately going to be made up of long-abandoned accounts, bots, spammers, test profiles and good, old-fashioned weirdos, it’s fair to say that, since inception, Twitter has likely seen more than 500 million registrations, and this study gives us the best insight yet as to how that divvies up around the world.

Semiocast used their “proprietary platform, databases and tools” to process user profiles to determine the location of each user. And the winner? The USA, whose 141.8 million accounts represents 27.4 percent of all Twitter users, good enough to finish well ahead of Brazil, Japan, the UK and Indonesia.

Semiocast notes that while Japan lost its second-place ranking to Brazil, recording the slowest growth of all countries in the top 50, Japan remains the second most-active country in terms of posted tweets, behind the USA. Japanese is the second most-used language on Twitter.

In terms of cities, Jakarta finished first ahead of Tokyo, London, Sao Paulo and New York.

As above, remember that these numbers include every Twitter account ever registered, and are not indicative of active users in each country. However, assuming all things being equal, the percentages in each are likely representative of each country’s rank in Twitter overall. So, if we guesstimate that Twitter now has 170m active users, representing 34 percent of the total 500m registrations, that means the USA has around 47.6m active users, Brazil around 14m, the UK a little less than 11m, and so on. Yes, it’s a long way behind Facebook, not pretty impressive nonetheless.

(Source: Semiocast. Social planet image via Shutterstock.)