Twitter Statistics of User Engagement

Twitter is growing as mad, but stats from RJMetrics shows decline in the number of new account registration for last six months. If Twitter is growing slower is it means it is near it’s peak? By the end of 2009 there was around 75 million active users.

Number of Followers

According to RJMetrics the average Twitter user has 27 followers, down from 42 followers in August 2009. The percentage of users who follow zero users us up from 20% in August to almost 25% in December 2009.

Number of Tweets

Also if we take a peak on how much users are tweeting than percentage of users tweeted fewer than 10 tims is up from 75% in August to 80% in December 2009.

Also the percentage of active users is about 20% from all registrations and last month was in all time lowest point – 17%.

I hope that Twitter will find the way how to raise user engagement and continue steady growth in 2010.