What Twitter Milestone Do @TigerWoods And @JimmyCarr Now Share With 434 Other Users?

Earlier this morning we reported that Lady Gaga had moved above the 11 million follower mark on Twitter, after being the first person to reach 10 million followers last month.

How times have changed. Back in April 2009, Ashton Kutcher was the first user on the network to boast a million followers. Beyoncé Knowles passed that tally without writing a single tweet, and Charlie Sheen needed just 25 hours to secure his record.

Fast-forward to the present. Right now, and with golf superstar Tiger Woods and British comedian Jimmy Carr as the newest recruits, there are 436 members in Twitter’s one million club, and many more who are right on the fringe.

Woods, in a move that must feel as satisfying as any of his 14 major championship wins, just pipped Carr to the post, passing one million users on June 16. Jimmy made his arrival two days later.

Waiting in the wings for their grand entrance to the club include such luminaries as Willow Smith, Chris Cuomo, Rubens Barrichello and, uh, Peter Andre, all of whom are just a few thousand short of the magic number.

Does it mean anything? Not really. As a measure of success and reach it’s great for Twitter, and people are and always have been obsessed with popularity (and celebrity).

But that aside, each time a new user reaches this total by definition (and exponentially) it means even less. In a year or two, those wanting to live the million follower lifestyle will need at least three times that amount.

Bottom line? Give Twitter a long enough piece of string and eventually it will be unusual for somebody not to have a million followers. Even – and I mean this with the utmost respect – the likes of you and me.