Twitter Launches Easier, Faster Ads Interface

Twitter Launches Easier, Faster Ads Interface

Twitter’s advertising suite launched back in 2010 and its flagship Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets products have become an effective way for brands of all shapes and sizes to grow an audience and boost engagement to generate leads, website traffic and conversions.

This week Twitter has unveiled a new look for its ad platform, which also includes better campaign objectives and setup instructions for marketers.

Twitter Launches Easier, Faster Ads Interface

For each objective Twitter now recommends the best ad format to use. Check the video below for more detail.

“Our goal is to make it easier and faster for all businesses to succeed on Twitter Ads,” writes Christine Lee (@chrstnelee), Senior Product Manager, Revenue. “We’ll continue to enhance our campaign creation and reporting capabilities so that you can optimize for your unique marketing objectives – whether you’re a small business setting up your first Twitter Ads campaign or a large ad agency running hundreds of campaigns.”

I’m a seasoned Twitter advertiser and while I’ve had consistently great results the backend has always been a cumbersome beast to use. They’ve made dramatic improvements to the analytics and (especially) scheduler in recent weeks and the new ad interface is definitely an improvement. All of which, of course, should be good news for Twitter as it seeks to reach more marketers to drive extra ad revenue through the platform.

(Source: Twitter.)

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