Twitter Planning Complete Mobile Redesign To Attract Larger (Dumber) Mainstream Audience

Twitter is preparing for its biggest product redesign in close to two years, with a complete overhaul of its popular mobile app in progress as the company looks to attract a larger, more mainstream audience ahead of its IPO, reports AllThingsD.

While they have not commented officially, AllThingsD’s sources say that Twitter is waiting for the release of Apple’s much-hyped iOS 7 operating system before releasing an initial update to their iPhone and iPad apps, with a richer, from-the-ground-up revamp expected later this year.

The new apps are expected to have a much greater focus on the visual experience for the end user as Twitter looks to build on its 200+ million active users going into the IPO, with a slicker implementation into Twitter’s growing importance to the world of television envisaged. Additionally, a more streams-heavy design, with hand-holding for newcomers, is also anticipated.

Twitter’s goal? For first-time users to “get” Twitter almost straightaway, so the platform can retain far more of the folks who register for Twitter and then never come back. Because, Twitter must be assuming, they didn’t understand the service. Which means they’re going to actively target a different kind of internet user. People of the land. The common clay of the new West.

How Twitter for iPhone looks now. Imagine this, but shinier and with a LOL button.

You know… morons. For every example of Facebook wanting to be Twitter, there’s another of Twitter wanting to be Facebook. Assuming this story has legs*, this is one of them. Simple features for simple people. Is this a good thing, going forward, for Twitter fans today? For Twitter’s ecosystem? For Twitter, the thinking person’s social network? Doesn’t matter. All that really counts is a healthy bottom line and a veritable bucketload of eager, active users going into that IPO. Let’s enjoy it while we can.

(Source: AllThingsD.)

* Right now, it’s a rumour. And I’m doing that horrible thing where I’m totally judging something not only before I’ve seen it, but before I even know if it’s an actual thing. Still, it kinda feels like it’s going to happen. Like it’s got a sniff of inevitability about it. Don’t you think?

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