Twitter Just Made It Easier for Advertisers to Target College Grads, Parents and Small Businesses

With a persona-based system

Twitter wants to make targeting easier for advertisers, so today it unveiled a feature called "personas," which lets brands target groups of consumers based on whether they have college degrees, are parents, make more or less than $100,000 or run small businesses, to name a few.

More specifically, marketers can not only target college grads but also pinpoint such alums based on their gender, location and interests. 

Advertisers could piece together similar targeting parameters on Twitter in the past, but now they can build more precise campaigns with just a mouse click or two. The San Francisco-based tech company is leveraging ongoing partnerships with data companies Acxiom and Datalogix to bring such targeting options to the table.

"Within your campaign dashboard, you can simply click 'View audience insights' to learn more about your paid audience, and then use this information to optimize your targeting and ad content," Andrew Bragdon, Twitter's product manager for revenue, wrote in a blog post.

The development is reminiscent of Facebook's people-based marketing product moves of 2014, when it rolled out "Audience Insights" and other similar products. 

Personas and the campaign insights are now available to advertisers, globally.

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