Twitter For iPhone, iPad 3.5.0 Released, Adds Twitter Photo Support

Twitter has released the latest build of their popular Twitter client for iPhone and iPad, which includes several new features, including support for Twitter’s ‘new’ photo sharing service.

As I’ve mentioned before, Twitter is slow to announce new features and even slower to implement them, and it’s taken a somewhat ludicrous four-and-a-half months for the photo sharing functionality, which allows users to upload images to Twitter via the platform, to arrive on the official app.

The update also includes an enhanced signup experience, a new Direct Message design on the iPad, a nearby tweets feature (also on iPad) and the usual bug fixes and minor enhancements.

I’ve tested the photo functionality and it works perfectly well.

Note that it still says – very clearly – that this is all powered by Photobucket.

Apple releases their highly-anticipated iOS 5 update later today, and I’m guessing there are some behind-the-scenes tweaks in the Twitter client that have been made to prep for that. Otherwise, it’s a pretty light update.

Twitter 3.5.0 is available from the App store now.