Twitter Hires Adam Sharp To Spread Twitter In Washington

twitter[1] Twitter has just brought on Adam Sharp, an executive producer from C-Span to help work for Twitter in DC. He will not be lobbying, though.

According to the Huffington Post, Adam will be “working with members of Congress and the Executive Branch” to help “use Twitter as a vehicle for constituents.” This can be translated to working with politicians to make sure they’re all leveraging Twitter for their campaigns and public announcements. This is a smart move, and as we’ve seen with politicians like Senator Jon McCain, being an early adopter of Twitter can be a real boon to hitting the younger voters.

I imagine that Twitter, which has already been an important tool in Washington, will start gaining more influence as the word of mouth spreads that a Twitter expert is doing the rounds to help politicians get connected. It will surely be a task for Adam to stay neutral, and there are potential misfires if Adam gets too cozy with one side of the aisle, but I imagine Twitter HQ will be checking in frequently to prevent that.