Google To Start Showing Tweets in Search Results in Real Time

Twitter and Google are hooking up.
The two have signed a deal that gives the search giant access to Twitter’s firehose, meaning that tweets will show up in search results as soon as they have been published.
Currently, Google has to proactively mine Twitter for tweets, meaning that only a select percentage appear in search queries (usually from high-profile users).
The new implementation is expected to begin in the first half of this year.
While the deal with Google is expected to be entirely license-based – no advertising is involved – the new partnership should significantly widen Twitter’s reach around the world, potentially driving many more users to its platform.
Twitter also provides tweet data to Microsoft’s Bing search engine and Yahoo. This week the company announced plans to start showing promoted tweets on Flipboard and Yahoo Japan.
The news is timely, as Twitter announces its Q4 2014 earning results later today. The stock closed up more than two percent yesterday in busy trade.