6 Twitter Bulk Follow/Unfollow tools

For those of you who are wondering how to manage growing number friends and followers on twitter these tools can offer a solution. If you want to follow back people who are following you or opposite – unfollow people who don’t follow you back check out these amazing tools.

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Very useful auto-follow platform for following users depending on your specified keywords. Can be very useful for building an audience around some specific brand or project.

Friend or follow

Besides displaying lists of your twiter friends, followers and people you follow you can get most followed user list, user growth chart and other information.

Huitter Mutuality

This tool is really simple and that’s why many people love it – just enter your twitter user data and select operatin and everything will happen.

Your Twitter Karma

This tool is very popular because of its rich functionality and many function it offers. If you can’t find the operation you look for check out Twitter Karma – I bet they have it.


This tool offers to unfollow twitter users who have not posted any tweets recently. It is very usefull to get rid of these users who don’t use twitter anymore.


Also a great alternative of bulk follow/unfollow tools who offere pretty much the same functionality and if you like thsi one better give it a try.

I really like this one – it is really simple, but works great. It have all main functions and also works pretty fast.

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