The Best Of @TW1TT3Rart – Twitter Art In 140 Characters (Or Less)

As we know, updates on Twitter consist of tweets that are made up of 140 characters, or less, and most people – almost everyone, in fact – limits themselves to the normal characters we see on our keyboard: the alphabet, numbers and punctuation.

Twitter, however, supports and allows anyone to use the full range of ASCII characters in tweets, and the @TW1TT3Rart (Twitter Art) account has been using this to its full advantage.

The @TW1TT3Rart account is managed and updated by Oregon-based designer Matthew Haggett. New designs are published virtually every day, and the profile also shares other art submissions from around Twitter.

Here are ten of our favourites.

To see more Twitter art, visit the @TW1TT3Rart profile page.

(Source: @TW1TT3Rart.)