Twitter Announces Twitter For Newsrooms, A Best Practices Guide For Journalists

Today in an e-mail from Twitter’s PR team, the company introduced Twitter for Newsrooms (#TfN), a compelling resource akin to Facebook for Journalists that will help optimize the platform’s reporting potential. The guide contains four sections, #report, #engage, #publish and #extra, each with a variety of best practices geared towards streamlining Twitter reporting and making Twitter a more efficient journalism tool. While much of the information won’t ring fresh for reporters already knee-deep in social media sourcing, it’s a comprehensive and helpful resource for journalists of all levels hoping to gain some insight into Twitter’s potential for journalists. So what does the new guide include?

“A suite of search tools that allow you and your colleagues to search as much as you need to.”

Examples of journalists using Twitter to improve the way they connect with audiences, share news and, through it all, build deeper and broader communities.”

  • A Twitter Glossary, so you can catch up on your @ reply and hashtag knowledge.
  • Short case studies demonstrating journalists like Katie Couric and Melissa Bell effectively using Twitter to engage and report.
  • Tips for how to best brand your Twitter presence.

Tools that enable you to “connect tweets to actions.”

  • Web Intents: Popup-optimized flows that make it easy to commit simple Twitter functions like @ reply or follow without leaving the homepage.
  • Blackbird Pie: A WordPress plugin that “embeds HTML representations of actual tweets.”
  • Official Display Guidelines: For use of tweets in Media.
  • Official logos: Easy to download official Twitter logos.

Helpful links to Twitter blogs, Twitter in other languages and a variety of other resources.

Twitter for Newsrooms has been a long time coming, and we’re excited to see a streamlined platform for journalists hoping to flex their social reporting muscles. What do you think of #TfN?