Twitpic Founder Arrested For Public Nudity, Posts Proof (On Twitpic)

Assuming it’s true, this one’s pretty meta.

A few hours ago, Twitpic founder Noah Everett made a rather bizarre announcement on his Twitter profile: namely, that he’d just been arrested for, of all things, public nudity, and was being put ‘in the back of a cop car’.

Everett then went on to post photographic proof of the event to – where else – Twitpic.

Here’s how it rolled:

And here’s that photo from the back of the cop car. Don’t worry – he kept his modesty intact.

An hour later, Everett went on to clarify his story.

Twitpic has had a pretty rough time the last couple of months. A controversial change in the company’s terms of service led many to believe that their uploaded photos were going to be exploited for financial gain. Twitpic attempted to clarify the issue, but many users had already left. And last month, in a move that might be the final nail in the coffin (for Twitpic as well as other services such as yfrog), Twitter announced they were launching their own, official photo-sharing service.

So, is this a genuine story, or a much-needed publicity stunt? You be the judge.