TweetCaster 2.6 for Android: Good Enough for me to Dump the Official Twitter for Android App

It isn’t everyday that I dump an Android app after just testing a competing app for a few minutes. But, that’s what happened this week after I checked out Handmark’s TweetCaster 2.6 for Android. After playing with TweetCaster 2.6, I uninstalled the official Twitter for Android client (which I never liked much). TweetCaster provided a more densely packed (more tweets per screen) but still very easy to read tweets. Its interface seemed more intuitive than the official Twitter app.

Its most interesting and appealing feature, however, is named “Zip It”. It lets you temporarily mute a person (account), hashtag, or keyword. This is something I’ve been wanting for a long time for people who I want to follow but who sometimes get carried away with a certain topic or the latest check-in craze.

After a string of disappointing Android Twitter clients, it was great to try something that immediately appealed to me. But, let’s see if I still feel this way a week from now 🙂

Handmark TweetCaster 2.6 product page