Tweet140 – Insanity or Genius?

tweet140Twitter is a communication platform in which millions of people share updates in 140 characters and follow what the world is doing, one tweet at a time. Considering how little can be said with such a strict limitation, the games and applications for Twitter have always been small and simple: their purpose, to spend just a minute or two with each use.

From Twitter dating games to Twitter typing games, social game developers have stretched the boundaries of the network’s core functionality. However, Tweet140 makes something out of it that seems so obvious, that it’s a wonder we haven’t seen it before.

This game does one thing: Track tweets. More specifically, it tracks the number of characters in each of your tweets and creates statistical data of posts. The object of the “game” is to get as close to 140 characters as possible, as the closer you get, the higher your score becomes.

Currently, there isn’t any point to a score beyond just your own personal gratification. Of course, it also benefits those that get a bit of satisfaction from hearing a twoosh, the sound Twitter makes every time you send a tweet that is 140 characters long. Suffice to say, twooshing and Tweet140 go hand in hand.

According to the developers, they admit that “it’s a dumb game, but we’re madly obsessed with numbers so had to build it. We also wanted to test the API.” We wonder what will be coming next!