21% Of UK Twitter Users Tweet And Drive (And One In Five Tweet On The Toilet) [STUDY]

A new survey has revealed that almost two-thirds of social media users in the United Kingdom use Twitter at work, around half do so when watching television and more than a third tweet away in bed.

Fair enough, you might think. Nothing really wrong with any of that. One does what one can. But dig a little deeper into the study and the results become rather more alarming.

Voucher Codes Pro surveyed 1,400 active adult users of social media in the UK, asking them the question: “In what situations do you most commonly tweet?”

The poll discovered that 62 percent of respondents used Twitter at work, 44 percent whilst watching TV and 35 percent in bed. Incredibly, 21 percent owned up to tweeting whilst driving and almost one in five (18 percent) were active on Twitter whilst on the toilet.

37 percent of those who used Twitter in the car said that they did so because they had something they wanted to “share urgently” (possibly along the lines of “Look ma, no hands!” or “Can’t believe I’m being pulled over again…”), and although 79 percent were aware that using your phone for calls and texts whilst behind the steering wheel of a vehicle was illegal, more than one quarter (28 percent) said that they didn’t think social networking whilst driving was an offense.

Frowned upon, sure. But actually against the law? What kind of crazy country is this?

(Source: The Independent. Driver image adapted for my own amusement from Shutterstock.)