TVNewser Summit kick-off party!!

Video 1: In which, Laurel introduces herself to strange men at the party.

I attended the party to kick off the TVNewser summit Tuesday night. For those of you not in the know, the Summit (which happens March 10th. Still time to register!) isn’t just about all the pretty anchors. It’s about new TV news tech tools and ways to monetize digitally.

There were over 200 people RSVP’d and about 80 people showed up at the kick-off party in Tribeca Cinemas, from producers (NBC, FOX) to bookers to strategists. I went around the room and asked folks what they wanted to see covered at the Summit. And if we are able to touch upon half their questions and concerns, this Summit is going to kick butt!

Here’s a little more video, to catch you up on the flavor of the evening.

Video 2: Laurel introduces herself to Fox producers and asks them what a TVNewser Summit should cover. “What’s going on with Joe, Mika?” asks one guest. “Why isn’t the Morning Show doing better ratings?”

Video 3: Fred Staab of NBC’s Today Show and another producer from NBC answer our burning questions.