TV Station Won’t Cover Own Salacious Story

Even with palm trees, West Palm Beach can still be ugly. To put our lives in perspective, we turn our attentions there for the latest on what not to do. Ever.

Jose Lambiet, a gossip columnist in South Florida, reports on the arrest of WPEC-Channel 12’s technical director, who reportedly faces between 10 years and life for attempting to have sex with a 15-year-old boy. Lambiet reports that Homeland Security picked up 29-year-old Christopher Siegert “on a federal charge of enticement.” Lambiet rags on WPEC’s for not covering its own story, but we’re not convinced that would be the wisest of moves right now.

The New Times blog, out of Broward and Palm Beach, also reported on the incident, writing, “Dude’s an (alleged) pedophile.” This blog reports that Siegert defended himself by saying he was trying to help the boy sort out his sexuality.

Watch out Grindr aficionados. Siegert was purportedly caught while trying to pick up boys while using the popular gay dating app.