TV for Tough Guys: Rollins, Bourdain Series Continue


Tough guys with tats continue on the tee-vee.

Travel Channel will debut season three of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations on January 1 at 10p. During the new season, Bourdain will take viewers to Ireland, Ghana, Namibia, Russia, Hong Kong, Tuscany among other exotic locations, as well as a few destinations state-side such as New York and Los Angeles.

IFC has renewed The Henry Rollins Show for a second season beginning April 13. The half-hour late-night talk show will have 20 episodes and Janeane Garofalo will add editorials during four of those episodes. Rollins does have his fans.

Garofalo is also supposed to play the head public defender in Barry Schindel’s back-from-the-dead pilot, Law Dogs, originally developed for NBC, now picked up at CBS. Her character is described by the production company as “quirky and sassy”, two words that make us hurl.