Turner to Remove TNT, TBS from Dish Lineup

Turner broadcasting GThere is nothing quite as fun as when a cable conglomerate and a satellite provider fight over pricing. This is because both end up blaming the other side, and hilariously plead with customers to help them win the battle.

Such is the case with Turner Broadcasting and Dish Network. Their argument continues to escalate, as Turner is now threatening to remove TNT and TBS from Dish if a new deal isn’t reached by December 5.

In a statement, Turner — of course — said this is all Dish’s fault.

“Our efforts in recent weeks to restore the Turner networks to Dish customers have been rejected at every turn by Dish leadership,” said the company. “The upcoming expiration on December 5 of our carriage agreement for TNT and TBS means Dish may drop those networks as well. We remain hopeful that we will reach an agreement that restores our networks to the air and eliminates the risk of Dish removing additional Turner networks from its channel lineup.”

Dish, meanwhile, says this is all Turner’s fault. “Currently, Turner is making unreasonable financial demands, and they have refused to extend the overall agreement,” reads a statement on its site DishStandsForYou.com. “We continue to work with Turner to reach a fair and reasonable agreement with Turner.”

Dish subscribers have already seen other Turner channels disappear as a result of the feud. CNN, HLN and Cartoon Network are among the channels that have been deleted since October.

With December 5 not too far away, we’re sure Dish subscribers are pleased that the bickering between two multi-million dollar companies continues.