Turnabout: Crackle Video Stream Free Everywhere Except on Android

I first noticed Crackle as a free channel available on the Roku streaming video accessory for TVs. It provides a relatively small but interesting library of TV, movies and original programming for free. The service is apparently supported by the commercial advertisements interspersed during video streaming. Crackle recently became available as a free iOS app (iPad, iPhone) where its content is also provided for free and supported by commercials.

Crackle released a free Android app in October 2010. However, I just learned about it over the weekend. Unlike Crackle’s offerings for the Roku and iOS, Crackle for Android requires a fee to view much of its content. Subscriptions are $4.99 for a month, $12.99 for 3 months or $24.99 for 6 months. While this is considerably less than what Hulu Plus and Netflix charges, Crackle’s library is considerably smaller.

Crackle for Android has a lot of problems running on my Nexus One. It freezes about a minute or two into any video I’ve tried to watch on it so far. It also crashes frequently. And, I’ve frequently run into DRM error messages like the one seen here. The odd thing is that selecting the same video once or twice after that generally results in the playing the video until it freezes or the app crashes.

These issues many indicate why both Hulu Plus and Netflix have not released their own streaming video apps for Android yet.

Crackle – Movies & TV (Android Market)