Turn Your Smartphone Into a Fancy Camera With New Sony Lens

Sick of smartphone photos that don’t look as good as your good camera, but don’t want to have to carry a big heavy camera with you everywhere you go? Sony wants to help.

The company is expected to announce a new series of zoom lenses that can be added to your smartphone to help take better photos today. The lenses are already up on Amazon. You can simply attach the lens to your iPhone or Android phone and up the quality of your photos. Check it out:

Introducing the first-ever zoom lens and sensor combo that clips right to your smartphone. Now you can get 10x closer to the action with your phone—and share pics instantly online for maximum “likes.” It’s never been easier or more convenient to capture and share special moments in the beautiful quality
they deserve.

The QX10 offers  10x zoom for $248 and the QX100 gives 100x zoom  for $498. The items are available for presale and ship on September 27th. (Via The Verge).