Radio Vets Embrace the Joys of a Home Studio

From her home studio in San Francisco, Turi Ryder packages “The Exception to the Rule,” a one-minute syndicated commentary feature for CBS Radio affiliates. It can be heard on KSTE Sacramento, KNEWS Palm Springs, KCBS San Francisco, and other stations.

She and several other home studio based radio professionals, including LA’s Barbara Blake–whose perch overlooks the Pacific Ocean–share the joys of domestic ISDN feeds with It’s gotten to the point where someone like Ryder, from her home, can co-host a Fourth of July broadcast on Seattle AM outlet KIRO. Soundproofing issues notwithstanding:

“My neighbors go nuts with firecrackers. But KIRO’s main studios are about a block from the base of Seattle’s fireworks, so my home studio was actually quieter than what I could hear in the talkback.”

Beyond the convenience of every day being “casual day” and having beloved pets close by, Tyler says she has also gained a whole new appreciation for the work of her former station engineering colleagues.