Tumblr Now Has As Many Bloggers at WordPress

WordPress has been around for 8 years. Tumblr has only been around for four. But as NPR reports, in the past six months, Tumblr has taken off, and its users have nearly tripled, with more than 7 million blogs.

Why is Tumblr so successful? Mark Coatney, who works at Tumblr, describes the Tumblr experience like this: “You’ll dash off an email or do a tweet or something like that because it’s quick and easy, so it’s kind of taking that thinking and applying it to blogging.”

“Quick and easy” seems to be a key part of Tumblr’s strategy. Many classify it as less a blogging platform, and more of a social network. Its growth has in part been powered by the idea of reblogging, similar to retweeting, according to Social Times. Mashable recently reported the introduction of a Tumblr button, similar to a tweet button and a Facebook “like” button, so users can share a link to an article or a website with just a click. If you want to be a blogger (and let’s face it, who doesn’t? We’re so glamorous!) then Tumblr is a way to do it with minimal effort and maximum immediate readership, because of its focus on community. Coatney’s job at Tumblr is even to help media outlets like The New York Times, Newsweek and The Huffington Post start their “tumblogs.”

A video interview with Coatney about social media and Tumblr’s interest in journalism from the Social Times is after the jump.