Tumblr Adds Snapchat-Like Stickers and Filters for Photos and GIFs

Launches with 100 extra add-ons

Starting today, Tumblr looks a little bit more like Snapchat.

The Yahoo-owned site is launching a mobile feature today that overlays stickers and filters on top of photos and GIFs that users share.

Users can add more than 100 stickers—including decals of dogs, rainbows and sunglasses—to posts through Tumblr's flagship app and its GIF-making iMessage app. There are also a handful of colorful filters that can be added to posts and Tumblr says it plans to add more stickers each month. In February, Valentine's Day and Black History Month-themed packs will be available.

Stickers and filters are only available for users' posts and are not included in Tumblr ads. The move shows how tech companies are racing to reach millennial users with fun, quirky features like stickers. Both filters and stickers are core features of Snapchat and have since been copied by Instagram, Facebook and Twitter over the past year.

"Our three-dimensional stickers and bold filters offer a cool and playful aesthetic unique to Tumblr, intentionally differentiated from the now-ubiquitous options available today," Tumblr said in a statement.

Take a look at the videos below to see how Tumblr's feature works.


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