Tucker’s Coming Home!

In the biggest news we’ve reported here in months, Rebecca Dana scoops that Tucker Carlson is coming home to roost. Roughly a year after Jon Stewart killed his show and he was exiled to MSNBC in New York, his boss Rick Kaplan has given him permission to come back to Washington.

“This is where the energy is if you do what I do,” Mr. Carlson said. “I know it’s hard to imagine: Brooklyn isn’t the epicenter of the universe.”

And this: “He’s put on a few pounds, too, in preparation. In D.C., weight connotes a specific meaning: Since the early Clinton era, the plump man is well-off, he is a proud member of a well-fed and nearly certainly disease-free leisure class.”

Tucker’s desire is probably confusing to Kaplan. When Dana caught up with the MSNBC president at prom, he said he “wasn’t feeling the hotness of either the party or D.C. He said the whole affair gave him the ‘heebie-jeebies,’ and get him back to the city–he meant New York, silly!–please, the sooner the better.”