TUAW: How the App Store Will Change the World

Apple is often credited with changing the music industry with the launch of the iTunes Store and the face of the cell phone with the iPhone. Now, according to The Unofficial Apple Weblog at least, the App Store is going to change the world – in five ways, no less.

These are:
1. Ubiquitous computing: The iPhone 3G is “the ultimate ultramobile platform, and now it’s cheap enough to be everywhere, and powerful enough that almost any common computing task can be done.”

2. Connectivity: 3G lets all the iPhone apps “stay in touch and stay connected.”

3. Location awareness: It’s all the rage. ‘Nuff said.

4. Development and distribution: “As a clearinghouse for cheap applications…the App Store is a dream, both for people selling software and people using it.”

5. User interface and controls: “There is now a $199 multitouch device on the market, and it happens to be portable, attached to an accelerometer, a microphone and speaker and a camera.”

The concept of a product having its own download store is nothing new. What is new is the breadth of the applications created for a single device, the huge number of developers clamoring to get their apps approved and up on the store and how easy it’s supposed to be for consumers to purchase and download everything from games to radio apps to business tools.