TrustedID Acquires and its Social Monitor Application

Palo Alto-based TrustedID has acquired Santa Monica-based and its Social Monitor application this week. With the acquisition, TrustedID hopes to expand its identity protection product offerings on social networks like Facebook.

The goal of Unsubscribe’s Social Monitor is to track and rate the security risk of personal information social applications are collecting from an individual. Unsubscribe’s Social Monitor uses several factors to determine an application’s risk, and therefore, rating. Its analysis is based on the amount of information accessed by the app, the reputation of the app’s developer and community feedback.

It then provides the option to uninstall applications in a single click through a browser plugin. To date, TrustedID says Social Monitor has rated more than 100,000 social apps across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Facebook currently allows users to edit their Privacy Settings for Posts (past and present), Tags, and Apps and Websites. The Apps and Websites Privacy Controls allow Facebook users to determine which categories of information apps have access to. Most apps have access to a user’s friends list and all information marked as Public by default. A user’s name, profile picture, gender, networks, username and user id (account number) are always Public. Before installing any app, a Permissions screen shows users the pieces of data to which the app is requesting access.

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