Tronc Reorganizes Into ‘Troncm’ and ‘Troncx’

Tronc-em and Tronc-ex!

The execs at Tronc have made another set of unintentionally-hilarious choices. In the company’s 2Q earnings report, Tronc announced that for reporting purposes, businesses will be split into “Troncm” and “Troncx” from now on.

Tronc CEO Justin Dearborn explained that Troncm is for media; Troncx for enterprise. Why they didn’t just call them Tronc Media and Tronc Enterprise is a story for another day.

Troncm includes revenue from print ads, print circulation and more. Troncx includes revenue from digital ads, digital subscriptions and more.

As for how each segment did during the second quarter, Troncm’s revenue was down 2.9 percent to $344.9 million, while Troncx’s revenue was up four percent to $62 million.

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