Tripit Travel Planner App Now Tuned for the iPad’s Display

Tripit, the popular travel organizer that share your travel plans with friends and family, has long had an iPhone app (free version and no-ads version for $3.99). However, if you use Tripit with an iPad, you were forced to use it in either a tiny view in the center of your display or a 2x pixelated view that filled the glass. Those days are now gone.

Travelers Spoke, TripIt Listened: iPad App Now Available

Tripit learned that 70% of their current users own or plan to buy an iPad. That convinced them to update their app to work with the iPad’s larger display. If you run Tripin on your iPad, you will find a design that is different from the one on the iPhone as well as large maps to display trip plans. You can find the free edition here:

Tripit – Travel Organizer (iTunes App Store)

An ad-free $3.99 version can be found here.

The added iPad support has apparently pleased a lot of people. The average rating for the app went from 3 (out of a possible 5) for all versions to 4.5 for the current iPad compatible version.