Trident and Dunkin’ Donuts Compete to Claim the World’s First Vine TV Ad

We missed Monday Night Football last night because we don’t have cable and we had to catch up on Breaking Bad because OMG HOW CAN THERE ONLY BE THREE EPISODES LEFT, but in the process we missed a notable development in the integration of advertising and social: Dunkin’ Donuts aired the world’s first TV ad created entirely with Twitter’s Vine app…or did it? Here’s the Dunkin’ spot:

We’ll call it “mildly amusing” and much more fluid than your average Vine, but there’s some competition on the field: Trident also claims to have debuted the world’s first Vine TV ad yesterday on music network Fuse. Their entry is a little different:

Hmmm…we’ll have to call Dunkin’ the winner from a content perspective, but the brands’ creative and promotional strategies differ. Based on the Mashable post, it looks like Trident got their press release out first, but Monday Night Football’s audience is about ten million times larger so we can’t quite call that a PR win.

Dunkin’s strategy is all about pushing younger viewers to Twitter to watch more branded Vines created by its in-house team, while Trident drew upon the popularity of two rising Vine stars to hype its release.

Our question: when will brands start running user-generated Vine ad contests? You know it’s coming.