Tribune Gets More Time|Hachette Moves|Forbes May Sell HQ For $55M|Two Memos|Daily Beast-ers “Happy As Clams”

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Los Angeles Times: Bankrupt Tribune Co. has been granted extra time to file its plan for reorganization.

New York Observer: Hachette Filipacchi is moving offices, from 1633 Broadway to smaller digs at the Time Life Building two blocks east.

New York Post: Forbes Media is still looking to sell its Fifth Ave HQ and may be close to a $55 million deal for the property that was first put on the market for $140 million in 2007.

Romanesko: Two memos: Gawker Media chief Nick Denton boasts about Web traffic while New York Times Co. Regional Media Group head Michael Golden informs staff that pay cuts made this year will remain in effect for 2010.

Reuters: IAC chief Barry Diller says the staff at The Daily Beast are “happy as clams.”