What’s Trending At Twitter? [VIDEOGRAPHIC]

Back in August we looked at an infographic from market research specialists Lab42 that surveyed 500 adults on Twitter to enquire about how and why they use the network.

Now, website video firm Wyzowl has taken this content and converted it into an attractive series of moving images. So what do you get when you combine an infographic with video? You got it: a videographic.

Key takeaways from the data:

  • 37% of Twitter users access the platform multiple times per day, with 64% doing so from Twitter.com
  • 33% joined Twitter on a friend’s recommendation, and 69% follow people because they’ve been suggested by friends
  • 31% follow 1-5 brands on Twitter, and 66% do so to get discounts
  • 43% of the users polled follow @LadyGaga

(Source: Wyzowl. Top image credit: mmaxer via Shutterstock.)