Trend Report: The Masses Demand, the Money Follows


Lord how we love the monthly Briefings from Trend Watching. Great reports on all kinds of interesting topics. They’ve just posted their newest for April: Crowd Clout. And speaking of crowds, as we were in that last post, it’s all about the power crowds have over the online marketplace, which they’ve essentially taken over, and some of the more clever ways companies have adapted to take advantage of the shift. Per usual, some really interesting examples, like from a site called Eventful:

…how about listing an intention to go see an artist or band if he, she or they would only come to a certain country or city? Enter Eventful, which not only enables users to find and post local events anywhere in the world, but also lets them demand events and performances in their town and spread the word to make them happen. At last count, there were more than 126,000 demanded events on Eventful. Should help persuade well known artists to now and then change their regular touring schedule, and should definitely create a long tail-style bonanza for niche audiences, and thus niche artists, niche events and niche performances.